Worlds + Brands
As a creative company we are equally into advertising, design and film. We are building worlds and brands from brief to finish.
Project Structure
A cross section of how we work
1. The Stable Core
— large quantity of information gets condensed
— consists of an analysis, a strategy and the central idea
— is the burning heart of every project
2. The Concept Mantle
— contains more than 20 years of experience
— made of solid rock (+ roll) to keep every aspect of your project together
— because only a strong concept is the perfect soil for what comes next
3. The visible Surface 
This is what you see, hear and feel

— intelligent design in every form and shape
— which grows and flows in it’s unique way 
— results in an atmospheric, award-winning look and feel. 
Your world spins on its own, your projects start to live, breathe and thrive.
Projects + Clients
13&9 Design, 21er Haus , 3 United, 4Gamechangers, A1, Austria Wirtschafts Service, Almdudler, Autogott, Bavaria Fiction, Brandfan, Bwin, Capital Bank, Cine Plus Media Service, DDP, Die Mediengesellschaft Filmproduktion, Die Presse, EFS, Erste Group Bank AG, Ferrero Deutschland, Filmladen Filmverleih, Freibeuter Film, Graf Filmproduktion, Immovate, Irma Investments, Jumptomorrow, Lotus Cars, Netflix, MTV Network, Navigator Film, OMV, Padre Azul, ProsiebenSat1Puls4, Red Bull, seso, Seven Filmproduktion, Spect Eyewear, Synchron Stage Vienna, Telekom Austria, Universal Music, Vienna Symphonie Library, Warner Music, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, XAL
Hauser + Miller 
working together since 1996 as Art- & Creative Directors in Advertising - and Design Agencies.
Since 2001 they are building Worlds+Brands as CEO's of Super+.